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I’m not sorry

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do you ever think about who you’d be shipped with if your life was a tv show 

i do now

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Good Omens Fancast 

Aziraphale // Richard Ayoade
Crowley // Sendhil Ramamurthy
Anathema Device // Oona Chaplin
Newton Pulsifer // Colin Morgan
Shadwell // Dylan Moran

This post was the most perfect Aziraphale & Crowley casting headcanon I’ve seen and it got me thinking about my Good Omens fancast again! (WIP)


tbh this would be perfect

Dylan Moran as Shadwell.
That. Is. Fantastic.

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raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl

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make me choose: joffersbaratheon asked Joffrey Baratheon or Ramsay Snow

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If you repeatedly criticize someone for liking something you don’t, they won’t stop liking it. They’ll stop liking you.
by (via jackswhites)
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[text] Stop ignoring me and pick up your phone - [text] ARE YOU TRYING TO SEXT ME?!




[text] You know, I’m not the best at this kind of stuff. Love me anyway.

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Amnesia - Habitually Violent


Amnesia: Muse forgets everything about themselves, from their name to what they ate for breakfast.

"I don’t think you understand me." Roy leaned forward, knitting his brows before the group in front of them. "I have no fucking idea who you are, so you could kindly walk out and I’ll pretend that I don’t want to call the cops on you for stalking me."

The hurt expression on Augustine’s expression was clear enough, wondering what was it about this girl that made it at least a little more familiar.

"Go." He gestured off, not even going to ask why they thought his name was ‘Roy’.

Habitually Violent: Muse becomes extremely violent and will attempt to pick fights with anyone they talk to.

"Stop talking." The brunette cut her gaze across the room, not even allowing Arkin to finish his sentence. "It’s pathetic. Stop drooling over something as insignificant as that. Honestly, you would think after almost eighty years, you wouldn’t believe in such a thing as touching someone else. Deal with it and fuck off in the other room with batshit crazy over there."

The only sound after her abrupt interruption was the sound of Roy letting out a low whistle.

Her gaze flickered towards the couple sitting across from the two. “And why are you here? I don’t see any way either of you bring any importance to the situation.”

She paused, glancing at a half lucid Gus. “Except you, sweetheart. You’re not even supposed to be alive. I have no idea why Roy thought it was a good idea to believe in fucking a vegetable.”